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Housing Mediation

Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes with neighbours without the need to go to court. It involves a mediator discussing the problem with everyone involved and helping both sides coming to an agreement. It can be a practical way to deal with many issues including disagreements with neighbours about noise levels, children’s behaviour, pets, parking issues or anti-social behaviour.

Mediators don’t advise people in a dispute, instead they help them communicate with each other, clarify
issues, explore solutions and work out a agreement.

The service can help with many kinds of disputes including:

  • Property standards

  • Repairs

  • Entry rights

  • Rent/rates arrears

  • Unprotected tenancy deposits,

  • Threatened evictions

  • Breach of tenancy terms

  • Noise/Anti-social behaviour


When both parties in the dispute have agreed to take part in mediation an independent mediator with specialist housing knowledge helps the parties talk about their dispute and come to a solution that works for everyone.


Who runs the mediation sessions?

  • Sessions are run by trained mediators. They are independent of us, but we pay them to help our residents

  • Mediators help you identify your needs, clarify issues, explore solutions and work out your own agreement

  • Mediators do not advise people in dispute, but help them communicate with each other

  • Mediators don’t take sides, and must have no stake in the outcome


Can it help?

  • It gives you a chance to say what you feel. Sometimes an apology from either party is enough to resolve a problem

  • You can make your own suggestions

  • You work out your solutions. This gives you confidence so you know you’re in charge of the process

  • Mediation is less intimidating than going to court, especially where people may not want to take legal action

  • It can be organised quickly

  • We don’t charge you for this service



Does it work?

Mediation is more likely to work where you:

  • are willing to take part

  • are prepared to be honest and open about the situation and the part you have played in it

  • are committed to co-operate with each other to find a solution

  • feel safe and know there is no risk of violence


Mediation is less likely to work where:

  • people do not want to take part

  • there is the threat of physical violence

  • one party feels intimidated by the other

  • the dispute has reached a point where legal action is needed

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