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Positive parenting has become a bit of a buzz phrase recently. It’s not just a fad either – positive parenting can be a powerful approach. The idea is to focus on your child’s strengths rather than trying to correct their weaknesses. That’s why some people call it strength-based parenting.

Positive Parenting

The roots of positive parenting stem from the work of Austrian psychologist Alfred Alder in the 1900s. He believed that children have a real need to feel connected to those around them. When they are in a responsive and interactive environment, they thrive and are less likely to play up.

Often our natural default position, as a parent, a partner and, well, in many social situations is to nit-pick. It’s easy to naturally focus on what your baby or toddler is doing wrong. But shifting your focus to their strengths is the blueprint of this parenting style. And, the research shows, it’s a more effective way to parent.


Positive parenting can be offered to parents on an individual basis or as group.

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