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Your Family Matters is a registered private and independent organisation that has developed expertise in the provision of FGC and the provision of associated training and consultancy. We have been providing FGCs to a range of local authorities and other organisations for over a number of years. Our Programmes address a wide range of issues including: child welfare and protection, adult welfare and protection, family and domestic violence and abuse and anti social behaviour.


Three Day Training Programme for FGC Coordinators

This is a skills based course which enables participants to chair and facilitate the FGC process. The course is taught by experienced FGC managers and tutors providing participants with the theoretical knowledge and value base of FGCs.

Domestic Abuse and Honour Based Violence

This new CPD course revisits Domestic Abuse screening with the change in legislation but also from a whole new perspective, that of honour based violence. This course will give professionals a new insight into this difficult aspect of domestic abuse and inform their knowledge and skills in both this and in domestic abuse screening generally.

The course will:

  • Explore the legal background of domestic abuse and honour based violence

  • Revisit the importance of domestic abuse screening and the processes, skills and strategies professionals need to ensure service users are safe and equitable.

  • Provide a greater understanding of honour based violence and the challenges it presents to both the professionals and the clients.

  • Explore practical steps to sensitively screen for honour based violence and provide information on safe ways forward.

  • Consider the issues for providing safe accessible services for all sectors of the community post April 2014.

Domestic and Family Violence/Abuse – Shuttle Conferences for FGCs

A one day workshop for individuals to enhances their skills, knowledge and value base of using FGCs to address domestic violence and using shuttle conferences.

Train to be a Family Mediator by the College of Mediator

The course is designed to be modular; enabling you to gain a recognised mediation qualification in one area of mediation whilst offering the opportunity to enrol on further modules in other areas of mediation at a later date. The aim is to encourage mediators to broaden their areas of expertise over time so you can offer mediation services in a wider range of disputes. A combination of our Fundamentals of Dispute Resolution followed by our Family Mediation Specialism Course would meet your needs for a recognised family mediation training course. The two courses are a total of 10 days which can be split into groups of 2-5 days to meet your needs.

Successful completion of first course, The Fundamentals of Dispute Resolution, enables you to join the College of Mediators as a Community Mediator. It also enables you to continue to the second Family Mediation Specialism Course.

Successful completion of this second course enables you to join the College of Mediators as a Trained Family Mediator. The College of Mediators is a member body of the Family Mediation Council and as such this training enables you to progress as a professional family mediator.

Limited Places available.

Leadership & Management Training

This one-day training course is designed to help managers, supervisors and leaders develop the essential skills to influence and motivate staff and colleagues to achieve exceptional performance. It is especially ideal for those who may have taken on such a role without any formal training, but will also assist those who have been managing for some time.

The course will:

  • Explore the roles and responsibilities of a manager’s responsibilities;

  • Recognise the attributes of effective leaders and how to lead and influence others;

  • Create and maintain an efficient, effective, and motivated team;

  • Understand the principles of motivation and how to apply them to your team;

  • Maximise a team’s performance, by understanding human behaviour;

  • Know how to give and receive feedback, give instructions and state expectations clearly;

  • Improve your ability to communicate with the team, your clients and partners;

  • Develop your understanding in the strategic problem-solving process;

  • Strengthen your techniques for managing the performance of the team.

An Initial Introduction to Family Group Conferences Workshop

This is a one day workshop/seminar for individuals who would like to enhance their knowledge on the FGC process.

Family Group Conferences for Adults

A one day workshop for individuals who would like to enhance their skills, knowledge and value base in using FGCs to address issues regarding vulnerable adults, elderly abuse, mental health etc.

A Workshop for FGC Referrers and Service Providers

A workshop that enables practitioners, managers and service providers with the skills, knowledge and value base of FGC process. This enables practitioners, managers and service providers with the confidence to understand their role and responsibility within the process. We also offer a half day seminar on domestic violence and its impact on FGCs.


A one day workshop for individuals to develop their Advocacy skills. This workshop enables individuals to provide advocacy to children/young people and vulnerable adults in FGCs.

Your Family Matters Consultation

Your Family Matters offers bespoke training and consultation fitted to your needs; this may involve:

  • Initial consultation about the FGC process and local implementation of the model

  • Advice on the development of FGC policy and procedures

  • Consultation on the recruitment and training of coordinators

  • Consultation for FGC managers and training

  • Help with FGC practice guidelines


Our Trainers and Consultants

All of our trainers have direct experience of coordinating and managing the mediation and FGC process for a number of years. We have specialist in domestic violence, honour based violence and parenting experts. They work in a context that encourages reflection and learning; and are all experienced as trainers in their field. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of the above.

We also run in-house courses for people who would like a full team trained. We can tailor any of our training/workshops to fit your exact organisational needs and deliver the training in-house on your premises. We’ve done it this way already for more than 1,000 clients who find we’re great value with a full day from just £999. Why spend more than you need to sending delegates to external courses when the course can come to you?

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